Over 100 Families Return To Bor From Awerial

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The families have been received by the County Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC). The RRC is expected to deliver humanitarian assistance to the returning Bor residents. “We are here receiving a society returning from Mingkaman to Bor town,” James Jok Alier, the County RRC coordinator said.

“This is a community imitative done by members of Baidit Payam from Juba. They combined their support together by mobilizing the resources for support of their community to return to Bor County for resettlement.

“As long as the process of return is continuing, we will be able to give support to the returnees until we make sure that all people from the state have come back home and when they come back home, we will be able to support them until we make sure they have settled.”

At least 37,000 people who have returned to Bor according to humanitarian agencies have been registered.

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