Poachers Arrested In NBGS

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Anti-poaching team delegated by the wildlife unit in the state carried out the arrest thorough search in big forests where they were suspected to be hiding for several months.

According to the acting director, the team arrested was found in possession of wildlife meat deep in the forests. “We heard the rumours of some people killing wild animals and we assigned some soldiers to go and hunt them,” Brigadier Kuer Chol Bul told the press.

“Those culprits were found in possession of some fresh and dried meat in the deep forest of Aweil Centre trying to carry and sell in some towns. Six of them were arrested while other four escaped the ambush as they were so violent to the team.”

The director however lamented about the lack of necessary skills in protecting wild animals in the wildlife personnel, saying it is responsible for the high rate of poaching.

The acting governor Salva Chol Ayat told the public that the wildlife is a wealth of South Sudan and whoever is found poaching shall be dealt with accordingly as he applauded the hard work of the wildlife authorities.

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