SPLA Soldiers Hold A Peaceful Procession In Wau

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The powerful procession by the Elephant-Division Five soldiers was aimed at establishing a peaceful co-existence among the people of South Sudan especially within the national army.

It started from the SPLA headquarters at Girinti military barrack and proceeded to up to the state ministries’ building, where a message of peace was delivered.

“Our position as the national army (is) we want to illustrate the magnitude of sport activities and cultural solidarity as a means of promoting immovability among our soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. David Manyok Barac, the Division commander.

Among the marching soldiers were some young girls and boys, whom Barac said were not members of SPLA but reiterated that they were only being used for sport activities within his division.

“We are here today to tell our citizens in the state that our one hand is holding gun and other hand is holding the sport which aim at uniting our forces”, he said Barac urged all South Sudanese army to continue involving in sporting activities to promote peace and stability among themselves.

The strong procession after the Infantry Division five players became the winners of the two weeks of the state governor’s sports competition in Wau. Barac assured the gathering of peace, saying the state would remain peaceful.

Rizk Zackaria Hassan, the state governor thanked the presence of Division Five; commanders Manyok for ensuring peace in the state.

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