USAID Assesses IDP Camps In Jonglei State

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Jeremy M. Konyndyk, the director in the office of US foreign Disaster Assistance, said they have assessed areas of Bor and Awerial in Lakes state to establish the exact humanitarian situations in Mingkman and the IDPs at the Bor UN Mission in South Sudan POC in Bor. 

“We were looking at all these populations as well as accessing their needs, talking with humanitarian partners, talking with the government, and with the UN about the situation here,” said Konyndyk. 

“It is vital and the only way to resolve the humanitarian situation from both sides of the conflict is to lay down their guns, engage seriously in the peace talks and to resolve their differences peacefully and politically, not violently.”

He said their priority is providing humanitarian needs to address the emergency, saying the transition and the development requirement for the people continues to grow. 

“We were even clear with the government, we are providing needs to the people in serious needs no matter which side and who controls the areas.  So, we are providing aid to people in government (controlled) areas, you know there are hundred thousands of people living now in Awerial County,” he said.

Konyndyk said though USAID also provides assistance to the people in the rebel controlled areas; such places are very difficult to access.

He warned that South Sudan is likely to face a major food crisis in the next six months if there is no access of humanitarians into the government and rebel held areas. 

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