Minister Calls For Maximum Discipline Ahead Of National Inter School Competition

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The minister said all who are going to participate in the inter school competition must take steps to ensure they maintain a high level of respect during the period of the competition.

The Hon. Minister said he was very glad that WES has been selected to host the inter school competition for the year 2014-2015, which he said was an achievement for the people and the government of the state. He added that the event should boost the morale of WES youth, as they will be participating with home advantage and, for them, the cost of practical arrangements such as accommodation and feeding will be minimized.

He said at the state level they planned to involve key competitors from all the ten counties and that they are organizing a team to visit these counties to identify these players so that they can join the rest who are already assembled for training in the various sports activities.

The Hon. Minister, who is serving as the deputy chairperson for the inter school competition 2014, gave a general overview of the preparations so far. These include renovation of the accommodation facilities and of sports grounds such as the stadium and basket ball court. He confirmed that the preparations are going well. He confirmed that the state has embarked on the training of teams in the various activities.

Hon. Wande cautioned negative elements to avoid tribalism which might threaten to politicize the sporting activities. He urged such people to demonstrate the love of the state to the visitors who are going to be with them for the days of the competition. He urged those coming to the state that whatever may be happening in their areas shouldn’t be replicated during the schools tournament. Instead, he said, all should develop the spirit for interaction and love between those from different parts of the country.

The Minister confirmed that the date for the kick-off of the inter school competition is not yet released, but once the organization is done the information will be publically shared.

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