Kiir Opens Wau Women’s Maternity Ward, Jur River Headquarter

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The newly-inaugurated ward contains a laboratory, a digital X-ray machine and blood transfusion facility, provided with the support of the Canadian ministry of health.

It will address urgent maternal health needs, explained Dr. Anne Itto, the SPLM acting Secretary General, also in attendance:“If the women is not healthy, she won’t able to deliver safely at home. Clearly, women must be give proper care”.

The ward is mandated to serve women suffering of medication across Bahr el Ghazal region and other parts of south Sudan. “People were travelling outside the country looking for better medication, but had we been making our own hospitals like the one we are inaugurating today, we would have made a lot”, said president Kiir during the opening ceremony.

“Our people were dying because we did not have a blood bank- but this blood will not be available without our voluntary contribution. This service needs our commitment to daily contribute our blood for banking so that no woman will die due to blood loss,” said Kiir, who also urged health workers at Wau Teaching Hospital to go out and communicate to the people about voluntary blood donation.

“Our health minister, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, will take care of what is currently missing. As you have seen, foreign doctors are the ones taking over. This is because our own doctors are still now undergoing training; but when they finish, they will take over”, he continued.

South Sudan remains a priority health care support focus for the government of Canada, said Jamie Schunner, the Canadian government representative in south Sudan.

“It is a priority to our government to train medical workers in south Sudan,” “As you have seen the new facility, it should remind you to take care of its machines properly, for better functioning”, Kiir concluded, urging the workers at the ward to do their work professionally and take good care of the new facility.

In a related story, Dr. Abdel Mohamed, speaking for World Health Organization (WHO) in South Sudan, reported that there had been no further cholera cases reported in south Sudan after the recent outbreak in the country. WHO and its partners, he said, were doing their level best to eliminate the disease in South Sudan.

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