UJOSS’ Provisional Executive Body For EES Elected

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Chairperson was unanimously re-elected as Lokuri Henry, with his Deputy being a female, Saida Abubaker. 

To the position of Secretary, Peter Lokale Nakimangole was elected, with the position of Deputy Scretary going to Everline Losike Also endorsed was the Treasurer’s Ohisa Paul, deputized by Martha John Savio. Prior to these elections, Lokuri Henry, Oscar Gama Hassan and Ohisa Paul held the positions of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer respectively and other positions were not filled.

However, in these latest elections, Lokale was elected to replace Gama as Secretary in the region, since Gama is no longer in Torit but resides in Juba. Lokuri and Ohisa were endorsed to remain in their positions as Chairperson and Treasurer. Other vacant positions were filled.

UJOSS, which is based in the national capital, Juba, has sought to extend its presence to South Sudan’s 10 states. Currently, the leadership of the UJOSS is moving to conduct state by state formation of the Interim Executive Committees (ECs), which shall from time to time act as ambassadors at those levels.

There has been some confusion over the schedule for the election of state. The national UJOSS  General Secretary, Mr. Edward Terso Ladu,  said that what has delayed elections is the need to fulfil the criterion that each state must attain at least 10 fully registered members, so they are able to hold elections to form an EC.

The EES EC body was immediately charged to draw up action plans which include sensitization, registration of the state UJOSS at the state level through relevant authorities, opening the state UJOSS’ Account, preparation of an Annual plan of action and lobby/advocacy for funds to enable it operate appropriately. 
These EES elections followed comprehensive guidance on self regulation, delivered during three days UJOSS-facilitated intensive training held in Torit’s Green Garden Hotel. Co-facilitated by UJOSS’ General Secretary, Mr. Edward Terso Ladu and UJOSS’ Programme Coordinator Samuel Kidi, the training commenced on 23 July and ended on 25 July 2014.

UJOSS’ objectives include the following imperatives: to educate the public on freedom of expression and good governance for the benefit of the society; and to share knowledge of journalistic ethics. The training also sought to persuade journalists to plainly understand and report issues related to the above topics.

UJOSS General Secretary Terso, during the training, reminded journalists that their work remains cross cutting and involves maintaining a knowledge of current issues in the fields of business, agriculture and education among others; therefore journalists should redouble their efforts to fulfil their duty as required by the public.

Gurtong wishes to congratulate our correspondent, Peter Lokale Nakimangole, on his election as UJOSS’ EES Secretary and trusts that in this position he will do all he can to support high and improving standards of journalistic excellence.

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