Chief Blair Says Doug Ford ‘Lying’ About Subpoena News Leak

Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair, has given a staunch reply to Toronto Councillor, Doug Ford, for accusing him of leaking news about Rob Ford being subpoenaed to testify in the drug and extortion trial of the mayor’s former friend and driver, Alessandro Lisi. Chief Blair mentioned in an aggressive tone that councillor and mayor’s brother is “lying” by suggesting the news of the subpoena was “payback” by the police force that came from the top. According to a statement released on Friday by spokesperson Mark Pugash, Chief Blair alleged that “Doug Ford is lying and I am prepared to take legal action.”

Ford brothers have repeatedly campaigned for the chief’s resignation, calling the ongoing investigation against the mayor politically driven. A statement issued by Doug Ford on Friday alleged that Chief Blair’s leaking the information proves that the investigation is political motivation and strengthens evidence of the need for a change in leadership at the police force.

Councillor Ford alleged that “it’s just a little way of him saying ‘here you go,’” adding that “it’s unfortunate. It’s not the way any police department works in the world and it shouldn’t work that way. They want to play games at the highest level in the police department.” Doug Ford alleged that “Rob’s changed his life. I just hope the top-ranking person in the police would change his life and follow the rules,” adding that “when you tell the media there’s a subpoena and don’t tell anyone else? That alone says it all right there, right there. That says it all.”

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