IDPs Condition Improves Despite Flooding In Bentiu

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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“After a long rainy season and flooding, which re-displaced many IDPs families from their home within the camps, suffering has reduced as the rains have stopped,” said Nyakuoth Malual.

She added that “the situation of flooding has now gone back to normal because almost 98% of land in the camp has dried up, people move freely and are returning back to their previous plots.”

The chairperson of Unity State Union of Journalists, Mr. Gatwech Stephen, stressed that “What will happen as usual during the dry season will be the lack of clean drinking water and majority of the people here will be forced to use contaminated water nearby as the IDPs number keeps increasing.”

He added that “The relief agencies have constructed water point in every POC but is not enough for the population as many families slept without getting their share of water last summer.

“Although there is a sign of improvement in the flooding conditions, lack of sufficient food is another problem as food supply to the IDPS is sometime disrupted by fighting or delay in food supply by WFP,” he said

He concluded that “the UN, National and International aid agencies working in the camps have to redouble their efforts to provide the necessary food and non-food items to the needy, to avoid what happened between January and May this year, where many children and elderly people lost their lives because of the lack of food and medical attention.”

He that the role-played by the UNMISS in protecting civilians in the POC is very important, otherwise nobody would have been here in the camp.

Unity State is one of the worth affected states by the currently conflict with major human right violation such as rape, killings of innocent and forceful marriage have been taking place during this conflict.

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