U.S snubs India’s request to exempt VIPs from security screening

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

According to the U.S authorities, if Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam makes a decision to fly to the United States anytime in the future he will be frisked again.

The aforementioned message was conveyed by the United States authorities in a regret note that was delivered to Kalam and the Foreign Ministry which only apologized for the fact that appropriate procedures for expedited screening of VIP’S had not been followed.

The Statement of the US embassy further said “We are actively working to prevent similar incidents in the future from occurring"

India over the last two years has requested the United States to exempt former Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents from undergoing security checks on arrival at the airports, but U.S has continuously snubbed their request.

According to sources close to the government, the letter implied that the United States only regretted that Kalam’s security check was not completed at the airport, and the fact that United States officials had to get to the gate of an Air India aircraft to take away his jacket and shoes to screen them for explosives.

The reason behind this being that India has failed to convince the United States to include the former Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents to the list of VIPs who will be let off without security screenings at the airport.

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