Establishment of Indian Culture Center, says Razak

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the construction of an Indian Culture Center in Batu Caves and offered RM 2million as the initial allocation of resources for the plan.

He made this statement at the auspicious event of Thaipusam and said that further allocations will be made along the way. Seating capacity of the auditorium will be about 3,000 and it will be constructed on world-class standards attracting tourists from all over the globe.

Razak enlightened the crowd with the news at his third appearance at the event which the crowd welcomed and commented as sweet and kind of the PM. He also promised the Indian community another big surprise soon which will benefit them at large.

Najib spoke to the people at the event with his wife standing along and encouraged them to believe in the government and trust that they will seek the benefit of Indian community at any cost.

He said, “I trust you, you trust me. I help you, you help me. That is the message. We need a partnership between the Indian community and the government. If there is a partnership, more can be done for the Indian community.”

To gain the confidence of the people he further added, “There are certain developments that have made by visit here today more meaningful, including the first time I’m wearing a kurta, and together with Datuk Hishammuddin (Home Minister), we look more Indians than the real Indians.”

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