Baba Ramdev and Delhi police held responsible for Ramlila incident

Supreme Court of India gave its final statement regarding the midnight Ramlila incident which took place a year ago and resulted in the death of Rajbala, a follower of Baba Ramdev.

On Thursday, SCI gave its verdict accusing Delhi police for use of excessive force on the followers of Baba Ramdev on the night of 4 June 2011 in the capital city, who were carrying out demonstration against corruption in the country. SC also blamed Baba Ramdev and his trust for playing role in negligence which became the cause of the death of one of his followers, Rajbala.

Rajbala was injured during the protest and lost her life because of the severe injuries.

The court also highlighted that there was some connection between Delhi police and Union home ministry in carrying out the operation.

The statement instructs Delhi police and Baba Ramdev Trust to share the compensation to be paid to the kin of Rajbala in proportions of 75% and 25%, respectively. Delhi police has to pay 3.75 lakhs and Baba Ramdev Trust has to give 1.25 lakhs to Rajbala’s family. Additional 50,000 is to be paid to other seriously injured in the conflict.

SC also instructed the Police commissioner to conduct disciplinary proceedings against the police personnel involved irrespective of their ranks to ensure sensitivity towards the injured in future cases.

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