Salleh to receive RM1 million from Lee, HC

The High Court has ordered the president of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Datuk Yong Teck Lee to compensate RM 1 million to the former chief minister tan seri Harris Salleh for defamation damages in respect to the Double Six tragedy which killed 10 individuals along the than chief minister Faud Stephens in an aircraft crash on 6th June 1976.

Judge of the High Court Justice Abdul Rehman Sabli gave his verdict on Wednesday in a two-page decision saying that Lee had “crossed the line” when he openly declared that Salleh had “blood on his hands” when he should have rather called for the reinvestigation of the craft crash.

Justice also highlighted that Lee used the incorrect combination of words such as “assassination” and “crime” provoking the masses to infer that Mr. Salleh had prior knowledge of the aircraft crash and he did nothing to stop it because he wanted to secure the chief minister’s seat for himself.

Mr. Salleh had filed a complaint against Lee and SAAP for defaming his character in the public and sued him for RM 50 million for provoking rumors about his involvement in the aircraft crash.

The verdict of Justice Sabli said, “I consider a global sum of RM1 million to be fair and reasonable, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, including the conduct of the defendants at the trial and in their written submissions. In their written submissions, the defendants (Yong and SAPP) continued to attack the character and credibility of the plaintiff (Harris) as a witness and contended that the plaintiff, being a retired politician, is not even worth a penny. This is demeaning to the plaintiff.”

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