Dramatic plane crash at a festival on the mid north coast

Investigators are to find out why a Ferris wheel was put up next to a runway following a dramatic plane crash at a festival on the mid north coast.

13-year-old Amber Arndell and 9-year-old Jessie were rescued from the top of the Ferris wheel. Pilot of the microlight, Paul Cox, 53, and his passenger, John Rowan, 32, were stuck inside the wreckage for three straight hours.

Paul Cox said: “I went nose up and straight into it. Next thing I know I was stuck inside the Ferris wheel.”

Gary Scanes, who lives next to the runway, said: “I was watching and saw the little plane take off to the south. It wasn’t gaining height from the moment it left the ground. I was thinking: ‘What’s this guy doing?’ He was slightly to the left of the airfield where the temporary Ferris wheel has been erected. He started to veer to the left and he flew straight into the second from top carriage on the right hand side … there were lots of ambulances and fire crews using foam and water because the plane dropped its fuel.”

He added: “When the plane took off there was very little breeze, if any. It could be pilot error or it could be a mechanical thing.”

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