More severe weather warnings issued

Australia issued more severe weather warnings to people in Queensland, especially affecting the Gympie, Sunshine Coast, and Maryborough regions.

Evacuation announcements have been made for the above mentioned regions including sections of Burnett district and Wide Bay. Weather forecast informs that these areas will experience heavy rain followed by flash flooding on Monday. Continuous rainfall for 24 hours will lead to more than 200mm of water. The most endangered areas are the Sunshine Coast and Fraser but can also include Gympie.

Several schools and roads in the region of south-east Queensland have been closed.

Some of the weather specialists have also expressed fears that the low pressure rainfall can also turn into a cyclone. Brett Dutschke, Weatherzone metrologist said, “The low is starting to head just off the coast, very close to Double Island Point, and the water temperature just off shore is about 26 degrees, so the ingredients are there for potential cyclone development. But I’d still say it’s unlikely to occur. Everything will have to fall into place quite precisely for that to happen. It’s got a small window of opportunity for that to occur.”

The Emergency Management Squad of the Queensland has issued several advises to avoid casualties. These include not walking, drinking or driving in flood water, watching out for storm drains and creeks, and contacting SES for any emergency situation.

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