Earthquake at Solomon Islands causes tsunami waves

The earthquake at Solomon Islands killed at least five and left several injured. The 8.0 magnitude earthquake also caused tsunami waves at the Pacific coastlines which called for emergency evacuations.

“We can report five dead and three injured. One of the dead was a male child, three were elderly women and one an elderly man,” said Chris Rogers, a registered nurse at Lata Hospital in the Santa Cruz Islands.

According to George Herming, a spokesman for the Prime Minister, two deadly waves reportedly hit the western side of Santa Cruz Island, eventually causing great damage to at least 50 homes and buildings. In addition, Australia’s earthquake monitoring agency and the Pacific centre reported the biggest tsunami wave to be 91cm high.

“The information we are getting is that some villages west and south of Lata along the coast have been destroyed, although we cannot confirm this yet,” the director of nursing at Lata Hospital said. “There was continuous shaking in Lata but no damaged buildings here.”

On the other hand, emergency service authorities in the Solomons claim that the quake has completely destroyed three villages. According to hospital director Augustine Bilve, most of the patients are being sent home with medical care in order to make room for any injured from the villages along the coast.

He said: “We were told that after the shaking, waves came to the villages. So far, we are waiting in Lata and are evacuating patients in case there are any casualties.”

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