Rudd prepared to heavily invest in high-speed railway lines

Labor party endorses the high-speed railway lines and pledges to launch multiple transportation projects in case it is reelected in the forthcoming polls. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is extremely enthusiastic about the east coast high-speed railway line and has promised to start buying the corridor for the railway line soon after he returns to power.

The project is worth $52 million and will connect Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne over the next four years. Labor party has also promised to introduce legislation to protect a corridor for fast trains between Australia’s two largest cities.

On the other hand, the plans proposed by Labor party are extremely costly, while there are high chances that the government might not have enough money to complete these projects. Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the government can easily afford to start building a line which could be completed in up to 17 years.

“There are some people that say this would not occur but would not it be a tragedy if, as the economics of a project like this improve over time, it becomes impossible because the planning and foresight was not there,” Albanese said.

Albanese has always sounded very optimistic about the high speed rail initiatives. He had committed $20 million for a study into a fast train service that proved that such a line would ultimately be profitable but would require up to $114 billion in construction costs.

“What I want to do is to be realistic and thoughtful and considered about this – there is no doubt in my view that high speed rail should be part of Australia’s infrastructure future,” he said.

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