President Milei’s Apologetic Visit to Pope Francis: Amends with Argentinian Cookies

Argentinian President Milei

This article was last updated on February 12, 2024

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The Unexpected Meeting Between President Milei and Pope Francis

The recently-elected Argentinian President Javier Milei has paid a respectful visit to Pope Francis in the heart of Rome. In a bag of humility and repentance for his past indiscretions, President Milei presented Pope Francis, also of Argentinian origin, with a customary assortment of Argentinian cookies. This gesture was seen as an effort to extend an apology for the unpleasant remarks Milei once made about the revered Catholic Church leader during his heated campaign trail. While battling at the election front, President Milei had shockingly referred to Pope Francis as an “imbecile.” However, in an astonishing turn of attitude, Milei, following his transformation to presidency, has lauded the Pope as “the most remarkable Argentinian in history.”

Milei’s Strategic Move Amidst Argentina’s Economic Crisis

Burdened with an escalating economy in a state of turmoil, President Milei is hatching efforts to rally the support from his countrymen. The devastating wave of inflation in Argentina has shockingly risen above the 200% mark, unfolding a significant economic dilemma. In this context, a paramount relationship with Pope Francis, who commands profound admiration among his birth nation Argentina, could be an advantageous move for Milei.

The Symbolic Gifts: Alfajores de dulce de leche and a Roll of Lemon Cookies

In a thoughtful and culturally rich gesture, President Milei gifted his beloved Pope with Alfajores de dulce de leche – traditional Argentinian cookies endowed with generous layers of caramel paste and a delightful sprinkle of coconut. Additionally, catering to the Pope’s love for them, Milei included a roll of zesty lemon cookies.

A Light-Hearted Exchange between the President and the Pope

Despite the weighty context of their meeting, the Pope exchanged a light-hearted quip with President Milei, accentuating the warmth of their reunion. Observing the traditionally unique hair and sideburn style of Milei, the Pope humorously remarked, “You went to the barber!” This elicited a fond chuckle between the two, setting a comfortable tone for their conversation.

In-depth Discussion Between Pope Francis and President Milei

As informed by Vatican sources, Monday’s meeting between Pope Francis and President Milei extended over an hour. This in-depth conversation revealed, among other matters, the Pope’s wish to visit Argentina. His planned visit would be the first since his accession to the papacy. Furthermore, Pope and President Milei had also briefly engaged in a discussion at the Vatican on Sunday. They conversed at the conclusion of a church mass where the first Argentinian woman was honored with canonization. In conclusion, Milei’s conciliatory meeting with Pope Francis indicates Argentina’s ongoing political transformation and its potential impact on the nation’s relationship with the Vatican.

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