Amanda Hutton faces 15 years jail sentence after starving son to death

Amanda Hutton

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Amanda HuttonAn alcoholic mother, who allowed starving her four-year-old son to death – whose body was discovered after two years of death in a mummified state in his cot, has been jailed for 15 years on Friday.

Amanda Hutton, 43- year-old alcohol addicted mother, faces a 12-year sentence for the manslaughter of Hamzah Khan and a further three years for child cruelty at Bradford Crown Court for the manslaughter of her son. She was told her conduct had been “wicked” as she failed to provide him with the basic necessities of life that led to his death.

Hamzah’s body was found in squalor at Hutton’s home in Bradford in September 2011.

His eldest brother Tariq Khan, 24, was given a two-year suspended sentence for preventing his body to be buried. However, Taeriq has given the statement to police that his mother threatened him she would kill her other children if he let anybody know about Hamzah’s death.

Hutton was convicted of manslaughter by a jury on Thursday.

Four-year-old Hamzah was wearing a nappy and dressed in a baby-gro designed for a six to nine-month-old child. His body had been left in a cot for nearly two years, Bradford crown court was told.

Judge Roger Thomas has said: “So it is then that your case, Amanda Hutton, has to be regarded as as bad a case of unlawful killing of a child by a parent as it is possible to imagine.”

“The details of your wicked conduct have been displayed in such awful detail over the past three weeks in the trial.

Hutton terribly failed “to fulfil the most basic responsibilities that you, as a mother, should have fulfilled”.

The manslaughter of Hamzah involved “failing to provide him with anything like adequate nourishment over a long period of time — in short, you starved him to death”.

“You failed your young children, causing them to live in quite appalling conditions of squalor which understandably shocked even the most seasoned police officers.”

The judge said the court had heard that it was very rare for four-year-olds to be starved to death.

Prosecutors told the court that Hamzah had likely to be died from malnutrition because Hutton neglected him due to her worsening drinking habits.

During the court trial, Hutton told she was concerned the other children would be taken away from her in case Hamzah’s death was discovered and had driven her to hide his death.

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