Conservative MPs group urge government to drop net migration target

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Conservative MPs group has urged the British government to drop the net migration target through abandoning its pledge and adopting a different approach to “the tens of thousands”.

The call comes on Tuesday from a newly launched anti-immigration campaign group ‘Managed Migration’, which claims the support of up to 20 Tory MPs.

Net migration represents the difference between the number of people moving to Britain to live there and the number of people leaving the region.

The latest figures are evident that the net annual migration has climbed from 58,000 to 212,000 in the year to September 2013.

A leading Tory backbencher Mark Field – who formed the new moderate Tory group has asked the prime minister David Cameron to re-think regarding its policy on immigration, saying the figure of 100,000 a year was “artificial and arbitrary”.

Mr Field has said: “We should acknowledge that there is a fundamental problem with having a net migration policy that targets headline numbers alone. Few voters believe we can deliver it. Few businesses regard it as practical. It risks sending the wrong signals about our openness to the world.”

Another Tory MP Mark Pritchard has also criticised the immigration policy by indicating that the immigration policy must suit the whole U.K. and not just London.

While Mr Cameron is still insisting that the target was still “important”.

The Prime minister has said on a visit to Hull: “It is right to target a reduction in immigration.

“If you look at immigration from outside the European Union, it is down by a third and it is at its lowest level since 1998 and we have to keep working towards that important target.”

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