Justin Bieber Needs His Life Coach Back

Justin Bieber’s problems began after he parted company with his “swagger coach.” Ryan Good started out working for Usher and his boss noticed he was a stylish and cool guy. Usher suggested he go on the road with his protege Justin and keep an eye on him. Ryan worked as road manager and advisor for teenage Justin Bieber while he was on the road. Ryan soon became Justin’s stylist and social advisor, like a big brother. He taught teenage Justin what to wear and how to layer his clothes, cut his hair, and succeed with girls. (He helped Justin win over Selena Gomez with handwritten notes on hotel stationery.) In 2011, Ryan moved on to start living his own life, which included actress Ashley Benson. After that, Justin went off the rails. Drugs, tattoos, fast cars, sleazy hangers-on, trashy language, questionable women, etc – in a desperate attempt to be cool. Maybe Justin needs his ”big brother” back.
(Above, Justin tries to be as cool as James Dean)

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