Farage defends Ukip’s new controversial ad campaign

U.K. Independence Party's promotional ad campaign

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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U.K. Independence Party's promotional ad campaignU.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has defended a controversial new party poster campaign for the European and local elections which termed as “racist” and “divisive” by critics that warns 26 million unemployed Europeans are “after” British jobs.

The Ukip leader’s strong defence came after religious figures joined MPs in condemning the party’s European parliamentary promotional campaign.

The poster statement that caused outrage online had prompted Labour MP Mike Gapes to brand the billboards “racist”.

Mr Gapes has stated: “This is a campaign designed to sow fear and envy and hatred towards immigrants.

“They are saying your job is at risk from 26 million people who are going to come in and take your work.

“They’re saying people’s problems in this country are due to immigration. Many of those people who are coming here are doing vital jobs for our economy.”

In the meantime, Liberal Democrat Party President, Tim Farron has attacked the campaign as being “morally and factually wrong” and “fundamentally very un-British.”

While the Tory backbencher Nicholas Soames, has termed the ad poster as “deeply divisive, offensive and ignorant”.

Mr Farage has said the political opponents of the images are accusing his party of promoting racism just because they are avoiding an “honest” debate on the crucial matter of immigration.

Ukip’s promotional campaign has been financed with £1.5 million from millionaire ex-Tory donor Paul Sykes – who built Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping complex.

Mr Sykes has told that he has funded this campaign to make Britons aware of the influence Europe had in the way Britain was governed. 

It is Ukip’s biggest ever publicity drive, as the ant-immigration party intends to achieve a political earthquake by topping the polls on May 22.

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