Osborne Says EU Referendum ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Opportunity

44-year-old renowned Chancellor, George Osborne, has anticipated that the EU referendum will conclude the debate over Britain’s “often fractious” relationship with the EU for at least a generation. He pointed out that there is very little or no possibility of a second vote in his lifetimeat least.

Mr. Osborne stressed that the voters are being given a “once in a lifetime” chance to decide on Britain’s EU membership since the Tory party experienced an early skirmish in the referendum battle. Further explaining the sensitivity of the situation, Mr. Osborne moved to emphasize that the decision faced by the British is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. He added that “there’s no second vote. This is the crucial decision of our lifetimes. Do we stay in the European Union, a reformed European Union, or do we leave?” He also highlighted that “I think anyone who votes ‘out’ on the assumption that a year or two later you can have another vote to vote back in, is being unrealistic about the nature of the choice. I think it’s really important that the British people focus on the fact this is the once in a life time decision.”

Moreover, the chancellor predicted that once the vote has been casted, the EU referendum debate would end for a generation at least, if not the next 50 years. Upon inquiry if the referendum would settle the matter, he replied “you know, I think it will for, you know, for at least a generation, probably for my lifetime.”

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