Tories Try to Connect Sadiq Khan, Antisemitism despite Clear Condemnation

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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tories try to connect sadiq khan, antisemitism despite clear condemnationThe outgoing London Mayor, Boris Johnson has once again attempted to connect Labour’s Sadiq Khan to alleged antisemitic comments by Ken Livingstone, even though Mr Khan referred to the said comments as “inexcusable”. Labour party faced an antisemitism row this week after it emerged that one of its MPs, Naz Shah, had endorsed a plan to relocate Israel to North America. 

In his attempt to defend Ms Shah’s action on Thursday, Mr Livingstone found himself suspended after making a historical reference to Adolf Hitler in a discussion about Israel. Ironically, Mr Khan was one of the firsts to demand suspension of Mr Livingstone from the party. The Labour candidate tweeted only an hour after the controversial interview that “Ken Livingstone’s comments are appalling and inexcusable. There must be no place for this in our Party.”

However, Mr. Johnson made a desperate attempt to steer the row over Mr Livingstone into the Conservative mayoral campaign. He alleged on Thursday afternoon there was an “ideological continuum” between the two politicians, completely ignoring Mr Khan’s loud criticism of Mr Livingstone. He stated that “there’s plainly some sort of virus of anti-Semitism within the Labour party that needs to be addressed,” adding that “it seems to me there’s an ideological continuum between the views of Ken Livingstone about Israel and the position of Jeremy Corbyn and indeed the views of their candidate for London Mayor Sadiq Khan.”

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