Canadian Army to cut 250 civilian staff

Canada’s army is considering cutting 250 civilian staff – a preliminary step in an extensive diminution of thousands of public servants at the Defence Department. An email from Brig.-Gen. M.R. Dabros, the chief of army staff for land operations in Canada summarized the urgency of focusing on reducing full-time civilian public service positions.

Earlier in July, these cuts were referred to as “modest” in an email. They are only meant for the army and a lead up to several additional extensive cuts mentioned in a May report produced by Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, the vice chief of the defence staff. Moreover, the Defence Department is also planning to cut at least 2,100 of its civilian public service jobs over the next three years with more “adjustments” to follow.

The documents published by the Canadian army talk about how it is now up to administration in the several regions across the country to conclude which jobs to slash.

The document reads: “The first phase will use attrition to create flexibility. The second phase will focus on rebalancing the various components of the defence team workforce.”

On the other hand, John MacLennan, national president of the Union of National Defence Employees, said: “DND is just moving ahead with all this and with no explanation on where they came up with these numbers.”

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