Harper promotes Canada as an attractive destination for Chinese travellers

After arriving in China, PM Harper launched a campaign to endorse Canada as one of the most attractive destinations for Chinese travelers.

Harper said: “It is one of the few industries in the world whose raw material is goodwill and whose finished product is friendship. And I think the world needs all the friendship and goodwill it can get.”

A few years ago China made Canada its officially approved travel destination. Ever since, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Canada is on the rise and roughly 25 per cent leap was noticed only last year.

Harper also talked about "Signature Experience Collection" campaign that aims at showcasing iconic events and attractions like the annual Calgary Stampede.

“The new tourism commission office and marketing campaign being announced today are further signs that this industry, which generates such goodwill between our two great countries, is flourishing,” said Harper.

Later, Harper met with Chinese and Canadian businessmen including executives from Air Canada, Bombardier, Shell and SNC Lavalin, in addition to the heads of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Western University.

Harper said: "We like to say the short hand for our approach to creating jobs and economic growth is trade, training taxes. The first two we want to go up and the third we want to go down."

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