False Suspicious Package Forces Evacuation of Canadian Embassy in US

All the staff and employees of the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. had to evacuate the building in utter hassle and urgency on Friday morning as after a suspicious package was found and reported in the building. According to the investigators of the United States Secret Service the building is now all-clear and they have completed a full inspection of the suspicious package.

Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., Gary Doer, informed the media that the package was discovered from the mailroom on Friday morning by the embassy staff, which immediately informed the United States Secret Service. Doer mentioned that “It was a postal packayge, I haven’t gotten the full description yet, but it was safe at the end of the day. It was suspicious, they agreed it was suspicious when they looked at it and of course with the proper equipment they were able to determine it was safe. But having said that, when it came in it wasn’t something you would normally get in the mail.”

The anonymous and unconfirmed reports relate the ‘suspicious’ package was in the shape of an envelope enclosing a white substance that was discovered on the floor without any reason to be there. The spokesperson of the Canadian embassy to the U.S., Chris Plunkett, informed earlier on Friday that the building has been evacuated from every nook and cranny, along with 400 to 600 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue being shut down as a precautionary measure. To aid the Secret Service agents, fire fighters and members of the police bomb squad were present at the scene as well.

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