Recent Polls Indicate Growing Liberal Popularity

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid revealed on late Thursday, that in case elections were held tomorrow, 34 per cent of Canada would vote for the Conservatives, 30 per cent would vote for the NDP, and rest 26 per cent would vote for the federal Liberals. Even more interesting than these figures of the poll were the showcased trend lines. It was presented that NDP, since June, decreased eight points in their popularity while the Liberals gained eight.

The CEO of Ipsos, Darrell Bricker, acknowledged that these numbers are looking good for the Conservatives. Bricker stated that “It kind of put to rest the old assumption that most of the switching in this country is between Liberal and Tory voters. In fact what we’re seeing with the Tory coalition is that it’s pretty resilient.” He added that “the better the Liberals do, the worse the NDP does, and the more likely Stephen Harper is to win.”

Bricker justified the success of the Liberals’ in the poll with the return of Justin Trudeau and his leadership bid. He explained that the Liberals have gained popularity in Ontario and Quebec, especially the women and seniors are regrouping their allegiance with the party.

A polling analyst, Eric Grenier, alleged that Trudeau has indeed persuaded a Liberal boost in Canadian politics. He wrote in an article that “though the polling data is rather thin, the examples of the 2006 Liberal and 2012 NDP leadership races suggest that no major candidate was able to give his party the sort of boost demonstrated [by Trudeau].”

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