Industry Minister Promises Government Will ‘Champion’ Space

The Industry Minister, Christian Paradis, made an announcement on Wednesday declaring that the federal government is going to carry on to “champion” the space industry along with the sustaining its long-term global competitiveness. The statement was released in response to a week older report from the opposition parties alleging that the Conservatives are not committed to the space program.

Paradis was addressing an aerospace summit in Ottawa, when he acclaimed that “our government understands the challenges you face. The role you play. The jobs you create. The contribution you make. The future you are building.” He added that “we need to work together — on the aerospace as much as on the space side — to secure Canada’s success over the long term. We need to innovate, to increase our market access and to develop our global supply chain.” Paradis was obliged to be the keynote speaker of the 2012 Canadian Aerospace Summit held in Ottawa, which was a two-day event connecting all industry players to converse on the emerging trends and challenges. Moreover, the agenda of the summit focused on how to work together in an era of major shifts in the global industry and fast-evolving technologies. 

The report of former Cabinet Minister, David Emerson, published almost week ago, raised concerns on a series of challenges faced by the Canadian aerospace sector, and asked for an immediate renewal, especially for the space program. The report alleged that Canada’s space program has “foundered” in a spell of last decade, now having a clear lack of priorities, unsatisfactory performance and unpredictable funding. Emerson alleged in his report that “this cannot continue” as “Canada’s national interests demand that we make effective use of space to unlock wealth, secure our coastlines and borders, protect our population and environment and deliver services.”

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