Opposition Criticizes NDP Government for Spending $680K on Ad Campaign

The opposition of the Nova Scotia have directly criticized and targeted the NDP government for spending almost $680,000 dollars exclusively for the ‘JobsHere ad campaign’ in 2012.  The reports show that province initially contributed $230,000 in the beginning, for creating ads, buying radio and television airtime for spreading awareness among the people. Later in a second phase, the government added print ads, created a website and began a second spell of commercial over the spring and summer which cost an additional $250,000. Lastly, the NDP’s government, once again, spent another $200,000 for continuing the ad campaign over fall. Overall it was announced that JobsHere campaign had accumulated almost $680,000 of taxpayers’ money last year.

Criticizing this expenditure, Liberal MLA Michel Samson questioned that “I think the first time they ran them there might have been an argument that there might have been some use at that point in time, but to continue to be running the same message over a full year?” He also suspected that “Nova Scotians no longer find these ads informative. They find them insulting knowing that it’s their hard-earned tax dollars that are paying for what is nothing more than government propaganda.” Progressive-Conservative MLA Eddie Orrell shared almost the same point of view, saying that “that’s 600-and-some-thousand dollars that hasn’t gone to create any jobs and it hasn’t the people that I represent in rural Nova Scotia.” Orrell alleged that he the money could have been better spent for health or education rather than making the advertisements.

On the other hand, Deputy Premier Frank Corbett defended government’s campaign, by alleging that it provided Nova Scotians with valuable information. He said that “we are out there telling them now about employment opportunities and making it public. That’s what we do through Communications Nova Scotia.”

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