Truck Collision on Highway 16 Causes Fire

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A dreadful car accident occurred in the westbound lanes of Highway 16, few kilometers north of Radisson, sometime after 9 pm on Wednesday, when two semis collided and caused fire to both. The flames of the crashed vehicles were so fuming they spread up to dozen meters in the air. RCMP narrates that one of the truck was simply parked on the right hand side of the highway, when it was hit on the rear-side by another truck. The second truck was the first to catch fire and cause heavy flames, soon after which the fire spread to the first truck and caused weighty flames.

Several drivers of other vehicles passing by the road pulled over and helped the driver of the first truck to get out of the cabin, when it almost began to catch fire. The rescue was very timely as witnesses claim that only a minute or two after his rescue, the cab caught fire. He was quickly shifted to a nearby hospital in North Battleford, where the 38-year-old Ontarian driver was treated for apparently non-life-threatening injuries. Whereas, the driver of the parked truck, who was a 32-year-old Saskatoon, soon get out of his truck cabin safe and soundly. Though, another passenger in his truck, informed to be a 33-year-old Saskatoon woman, had to be shifted to a hospital in North Battleford for being medically examined.

Police elaborated that the parked truck was loaded with recycled paper, while the other truck had scrap metal. The traffic was closed on the westbound lanes of Highway 16 almost until 5 am on Thursday. Fire departments from Radisson, Borden and Langham responded, as did RCMP and WPD Ambulance.

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