Judge States Kachkar Snowplow Trial Focuses on His State of Mind

The stance of both defence and opposition lawyers in the murder trial of a homeless man, who pleaded not guilty of killing a Toronto police sergeant with a stolen snowplow, was made clear in the first hour of the proceeding. The defence  will be contending that Richard Kachkar was so mentally instable at the time, and did not have any vital sense or intent of committing such a crime.

46-years-old Mr. Kachkar is accused of killing a Toronto Police Sergeant, Ryan Russell, almost two years ago, when he confirmedly stole a plow and embarked on a wild downtown rampage which resulted in several vehicles being damaged and multiple people hurt. The very first comments of the large six-woman, six-man jury were announced on Monday by Justice Ian MacDonnell of Ontario Superior Court, who mentioned that neither side disagree that Mr. Kachkar was actually driving the truck at the time of that cold, snowy morning. In fact, the judge acknowledged that this trial will focus on the verdict of whether Mr. Kachkar was in a correct state of mind, or his intentions, at the time of incident.

The lead prosecutor in the case, Christine McGoey, alleged at the start of her address that Mr. Kachkar willingly committed the act. The deceased officer’s widow, Christine, was present in the front row of the of the big courtroom on University Avenue, along with several other relatives and supporters, as McGoey asserted t that “It is the Crown’s position that he meant to cause Ryan Russell’s death.”

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