Opposition Parties Pressure Commons to Question into Data Breach Incident

All major opposition parties are unanimously raising voice for detailed elaboration of the Canada’s largest data breach, which affected approx. 600,000 Canadians, debating that the government has not answered some very basic questions regarding the incident. This Monday, opposition parties demanded an explanation of the loss of a hard drive from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada almost three months ago.

The Liberal party officially forwarded a request of an emergency debate on the incident of data loss, when an external hard drive that had critical personal information of 583,000 Canada Student Loan borrowers including their social insurance numbers, was found missing in early November. The Liberals made it a demand that the Common’s ethics and privacy committee shall investigate the incident, claiming that they want Human Resources Minister, Diane Finley, to answer several basic natured questions regarding the breach, like when the device was last seen and why the RCMP is summoned to investigate the incident. Additionally, other opposition parties have also added several questions in the demanded list of unanswered questions from the government to inquire during the question period in the Commons, due to which the pressure of managing a questioning period through a committee is increasing considerately.

A Liberal critic, Rodger Cuzner, who demanded an emergency debate, stated that “simple questions that you would think would be able to (be) answered by this minister, she doesn’t have that information or doesn’t want to share that information and that should cause concern for Canadians.”

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