Why Garneau’s Challenge to Trudeau Makes Sense

The refusal of Justin Trudeau to be take part in a one-on-one debate challenged by Marc Garneau might not really have come as a surprise to him. It was already being estimated that there were no benefits for Trudeau take up the challenge since he is already being widely considered a way-ahead -frontrunner in the Liberal leadership race. But, regardless, it was still worth the effort for Mr. Garneau.

Excluding Mr. Trudeau from the list of candidates contesting for the Liberal leadership race, who is admittedly raising infinitely more money, has an overly well-organized team, is currently generating immensely larger crowds and hence is imaginably signing up way more supporters than any other, there are only two groups of candidates left in the list. The first group includes those candidates who do not have the least chance of winning, but are still contesting to be able to increase their public profile in hope to later end up securing a good position in a future Trudeau cabinet. One such candidate, George Takach, recently quit the race on Monday and announced to support Mr. Trudeau.

The second group of candidates, which also includes the Quebec MP and former astronaut, Mr. Garneau, and a former Toronto-area MP, Martha Hall Findlay, enlists those who are aware of not having any real chance of winning against Trudeau, but are still keeping themselves in the game in case something goes wrong with Trudeau campaign. Hence, the candidates in this group are confidently posing themselves as being the obvious second choice, just in case.

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