NDP fights for transparency in OLG privatization

Essex MPP Taras Natyshak says that he will be introducing two amendments to a motion before the Public Accounts Committee, forcing the Liberal government to come clean on decisions regarding unpopular OLG privatization plans.
“My amendments ensure that Ontarians get the full picture on whether the government is unfairly forcing casinos on communities by issuing special funds to OLG to promote the controversial plan,” said Natyshak. “The Liberals have made a mess of OLG modernization plans which were introduced without any consultation with communities and industry. The NDP has called for a referendum to accommodate legitimate citizen concern. We need to ensure that Ontarians will have a real say and that their voices will not be overpowered by the deep pockets of professional casino lobbyists working with the OLG.”
Natyshak’s amendments require that government release information on whether there has been any money allocated by the OLG to promote and advertise the privatization of the OLG. A second amendment would ensure the review of the business interests of all the senior management including the Chair and President and CEO of the OLG in order to asses if a conflict of interest exists with the plan to privatize the OLG.
“These amendments would go a long way to ensure that the public’s interest is protected when it comes to OLG privatization,” said Natyshak. “It looks like the government is choosing to listen to Liberal insiders instead of the people of Ontario who have legitimate concerns. We need to put a stop to backroom deals.”

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