Rehtaeh Parsons’s Mother Responds to Posters Supporting Alleged Culprits

The supporters, friends and family of the four boys allegedly being held responsible in the Rehtaeh Parsons case have spoken out in a different way than usual, bringing their voice to the streets of Halifax. Colorful posters were visible today in the neighbourhoods around Halifax, including near Rehtaeh’s mother’s house, which said: “Speak the truth. There’s two sides to every story. Listen before you judge. The truth will come out. Stay strong and support the boys. ”

17-years-old Rehtaeh was taken off of life support on April 7, after she attempted to commit suicide a few days earlier. She was buried on Saturday. Parsons’ mother has publicly blamed four boys for sexually assaulting her daughter while she was 15 and later bullying and victimizing her. Parsons was allegedly bullied, mocked, and laughed at by classmates due to a photo of the attack that was circulated at her school and on social media. Even though local Police investigated the case, no charges were laid against anyone.

Leah Parsons, Rehtaeh’s mother, responded to the posters put up around the neighborhood, through her active Facebook page she set up to honour her daughter’s memory. She mentioned in a post that “this is our street, we are mourning our daughter, my children live in this neighbourhood. If you wanted to speak the truth … why didn’t you speak when Rehtaeh was alive … you push her to suicide then you continue with this bullshit!!! Really???? You have no compassion … but we knew that already.”

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