Councillor Robinson Takes on Mayor for Losing Place at Executive Committee

Councillor representing Don Valley West, Jaye Robinson, stated that the gigantic video scandal encircling Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford will not conclude with him firing her from the executive committee for suggesting that he should take time off to deal with his “personal issues.” Robinson informed reporters on Tuesday morning that she still recommends Ford to “clearly and definitively and without question” address the scorching controversy regarding alleged substance abuse. Robinson stated that “I believe Torontonians feel like-minded. They want answers and they want them now . . . .” It was added that “I think that this is going to continue to unfold. I don’t think it’s over. However, I do think that members of council will step up and we’ll work together.”

Ford has denied speculations that Robinson was fired from the committee because she recommended for him to consider a leave of absence. He stated that “that’s not true,’ alleging that her replacement with Councillor Anthony Perruzza, was only to reward him for voting with his administration. Councillor Doug Ford said stated that “we are going in a new direction, folks,” adding that “Anthony Perruzza shares the same priorities as the mayor. It’s six months to the (registration period for the 2014) election and we want to move forward in a different direction.”

Robinson concluded that “it is unfortunate that the executive committee no longer seems to have room for a diversity of voices or points of view . . .” She alleged that “it is unfortunate that divisive and polarizing attitudes are dividing our great city and alienating communities.”

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