Alberta Promises Continued Help, Despite Lifting of Emergency in High River

Alberta Premier Alison Redford mentioned in a press conference on Thursday that Alberta government is “not going anywhere” after the provincial state of emergency imposed in the flood-ravaged town of High River expires after two weeks on Friday. Redford was present at the province’s emergency operations center in High River, where she declared having complete confidence in High River Mayor Emile Blokland and town council being able to resume their decision-making duties in full capacity.

At the news conference alongside Blokland, Redford explained that “I want to make sure that I leave everyone in High River with a very clear message — we are not going anywhere.” She elucidated that “every one of the people who is at this emergency operations centre today will be at work tomorrow morning, and they will be at work on the weekend and they will be at work on Monday because this is only another stage in what comes next for rebuilding High River.”

Upon request of Mayor Blokland, the province took charge of all duties and emergency operations of High River on June 28. However, the legislation allows state of emergency to be imposed for two weeks only. Concluding her address, Redford alleged that “there’s going to be a lot of challenges. There’s no doubt about that. But there’s no particular magic to the fact there is a provincial state of emergency in place.” She further added that “all of the systems are in place that are going to ensure that everything carries on as effectively as it did before.”

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