Student Leaders at UBC Resign After Underage Rape Chant Reports

University of British Columbia’s Commerce Undergraduate Student society have announced to have made two of its members resign due to recently surfaced reports alleging that those student leaders led a cheer that promoted underage, non-consensual sex during an orientation event.

The official statement released by the CUS and its governing body on Sunday, the Alma Mater Society of UBC, it was declared that both co-chairs of the CUS orientation team have resigned, however it was not perfectly clear whether the students who resigned were directly or solely responsible of having lead the cheer. These resignations have come at a time when lyrics of the chant were tweeted by a first-year business student, action against which was taken by University’s campus newspaper, The Ubyssey. AMS President, Carine Wong, stated that “they acknowledge that this behaviour and language is inappropriate.” Reports claim that UBC students chanted the phrase saying “Y-O-U-N-G at UBC, we like ’em young,” “Y is for your sister,” “N is for no consent,” and “G is for go to jail”

It is reported that older student leaders had made first-year students to chant the offensive lyrics on a school bus, and warned not tell anyone about it. The student code of conduct at the university says that any behaviour that endangers the health or safety of any person is prohibited. An online petition has highlighted that the chant was in violation of the code of conduct, it said that “similar to the offensive cheer at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, the CUS FROSH chant perpetuates rape culture and is completely unacceptable. The chant creates an unsafe environment for students.”

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