Court to Hear Appeal against Guy Turcotte Verdict

The court is set to begin a hearing today of the appeal of the verdict in the case of Guy Turcotte, i.e. an ex-cardiologist who stabbed his two young children to death in 2009. The children’s mother, Isabelle Gaston, has stated that even though the hearing brings up many nightmarish and painful memories for her, she will make sure to be present at that hearing. Gaston stated that “I won’t be in peace until there is justice.”

Gaston elucidated that it wasn’t a thrilling process to go through the appeal process but she understands that the crown is defending not only her interests but the interests of everyone. Mother of three-year-old Anne-Sophie and five-year-old Olivier alleged that she lives in fear of her children’s killer, i.e. her ex and their father. She alleged that “I will always be in that fear because when someone kills his own children to get to you, you never know where he’s going to slip.” It was added that “never will I be in peace with that man, never.”

Court documents show that Turcotte stabbed his son, Olivier, and his daughter, Anne-Sophie, 46 times while they were sleeping through the night in February 2009. Mr. Turcotte tried to pin the responsibility of his actions on the blackouts caused by depression during his breakup with the children’s mother. Ultimately, the jury was convinced that Turcotte was not criminally responsible by reason of mental distress in July 2011. However, now the crown is arguing that the judge made legal errors including not going over enough the evidence and mounds of expert testimony with the jurors.

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