Supporters of Canadians Held in Egypt Urge Harper to Intervene

Those supporting the two Canadians held in Egypt without any charge have once again demanded Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take direct hold of the situation and ask his Cairo counterparts to release the hunger-striking captives. Sister of imprisoned filmmaker John Greyson, Ms. Greyson, stated that “we would welcome Prime Minister Harper talking to his Egyptian counterpart at this point. This detention has gone on much too long already.” She gave these comments at a time when the efforts of Canadian diplomats, aimed at freeing Mr. Greyson, and fellow prisoner, Doctor Tarek Loubani, seem to have failed.

The Prime Minister’s Office mentioned in a direct press release on last Sunday evening, that “in the absence of charges, Dr. Loubani and Mr. Greyson should be released immediately.” Now when almost 45 days are coming to an end since the two were held without charge, prosecutors have issued an order to detain them for another 45 days. It is alleged that Egyptian officials are deliberately attempting to build a case against the two Canadians and hundreds of other prisoners rounded up at the same time.

Both Canadians were arrested on Aug. 16, when they witnessed a protest in Egypt, while they were on way to Gaza, which turned deadly. Consequently, the two men released a statement on Saturday, describing their arrest, which said “tarek snapped into doctor mode… trying to save lives, while John did video documentation, shooting a record of the carnage that was unfolding. Between us, we saw over 50 Egyptians die… ”

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