Toronto Man Finally Claims $30M Jackpot

An ambiguity about a nickname finally resolved in time for holidays resulted in the staff to ultimately find the winner of $30-million lotto jackpotbut and announce his win. In a press release by OLG Friday, the Toronto winner man who won the lottery, named Vincent (Tony) Charlemagne, confessed that “it was a long process. However, all along I knew that I held the winning ticket so I wasn’t worried. The wait has made getting my cheque today that much sweeter.”

It has now been verified that Charlemagn, a self-employed Toronto contractor, won the $30-million LOTTO MAX jackpot from August 2. Even though the staff took time, Charlemagn confirmed his win after consulting his ticket on the following day on Friday. He stated that “I scanned my ticket on the self-checker. When I saw all the numbers, I didn’t think it was real. I thought I won just a couple bucks.” Charlemagne revealed that he verified the numbers while at work and immediately decided to skip work, return home and take a shower before sharing the news with his family.

However, Charlemagn was shocked to learn upon arriving to collect his prize that officials wanted to see Vincent, i.e. the name Charlemagn has used for all legal documentation, whereas the ticket was signed in his commonly used first name, Tony. Though the lottery officials had launched a prize claim review, they soon found out after due verification process that Charlemagne was indeed the winner. He excitedly shared that “what I’m really looking forward to is visiting my family and friends in St. Lucia.”

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