Fourth Canadian Veteran Allegedly Commits Suicide

Another Canadian solider was found dead on Monday morning in an apparent suicide. Sources confirm that 46-year-old Master Cpl. Sylvain Lelievre was found in the basement of his home near the Canadian Forces base in Valcartier, Que. In a statement issued by Quebec NDP MP, Elaine Michaud, it was stated that “I would like to offer my sincerest sympathies to the family of Mr. Lelievre, those close to him, and to his brothers in arms.”

As an honorable member of the Royal 22e Regiment at CFB Valcartier, Lelievre was tasked to serve in Bosnia and Afghanistan. The news of this military suicide correlates with deaths of other three Canadian Forces members who also passed in apparent suicides last week. Having served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, Warrant Officer, Michael McNeil, was found dead in the Petawawa, Ont., military base on Nov. 27. Whereas, Master Cpl. William Elliott, who served in Bosnia and Afghanistan, was found dead near Shilo, Man., base on Nov. 25, along with Master Bombardier Travis Halmrast, who was deployed to Afghanistan.

These expensive deaths have highlighted the mental-health services available for Canadian Forces members and veterans, speaking about which Michaud stated that “when one of our military members is on a mission abroad, we are aware that danger exists. But when our troops come home, we believe that they are finally out of danger. That is what makes this recent tragedy all the more difficult to accept.” Michaud added that “the events of the last few days have forced us to collectively reflect on the future left to our soldiers upon returning from a mission.”

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