NDP Leader Mulcair Discloses Environment Oriented Energy Policy

Unveiling The National Democratic Party’s vision for a sustainable future on Wednesday, NDP leader Tom Mulcair mentioned that his party plans to take both the environment and the economy into account. Mulcair bluntly stated that one of the foremost task on his check list as an elected prime minister in 2015 will be to attend a major international climate change conference in Paris.

Mr. Mulcair was addressing a business audience at the Economic Club of Canada, where he made a noticeable promise that he claims will form a key platform plank aimed at setting the NDP apart from the Conservatives and Liberals in the next election. While outlining a number of key initiatives in his future plan, Mulcair alleged that “we’ll be there, working with our international allies, instead of working against them.” Perhaps, NDP Leader was pointed towards the Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s absence in recent climate change conferences. Moreover, in a noticeable act, a short while after the UN climate change summit in Durban in December 2011 then-environment minister, Peter Kent, announced that Canada was pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

Negating such gestures, Mulcair stated that “If we’re going to seize the opportunities ahead, if we’re going to leverage our resources to create wealth and prosperity for generations to come, then we’re going to have to rise to meet new challenges and adapt to the new realities of a new century.” He further added that “New Democrats have a vision that does just that – a vision that promotes economic growth without sacrificing social or environmental sustainability.”

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