York U. Remembers Montreal Massacre Victims

Nearly three dozen people participated in a vigil, as they stood in a large circle holding up battery-operated candles, remembering the 14 women effortlessly murdered by gunman Marc Lepine in the 1989 Montreal massacre. The ceremony was held in a classroom at York University on Thursday, Dec. 5, i.e. only a day before the 24th anniversary of the day Lepine entered a classroom at Ecole Polytechnique engineering school and separated the male and female students before opening fire.

Opposing feminism, Lepine inexplicably opened fire at nine women in the room, out of which six died at the spot. As he continued walking through the building, Lepine ultimately killed 14 women and injured 10 women and four men before he fatally shooting himself. The ceremony held to commemorate both the victims of the Montreal massacre, and all victims of gender-based violence, was organized by the York’s Centre for Human Rights, where participants remembered the victims of such incidents. It was stressed that these incidents highlight our role as members of the university’s community to make sure that we are doing our best to stop violence and reunite with others to fight all forms of violence on York’s campuses.

The opening ceremony for the event was conducted by Aboriginal elder, Laureen Waters, who revealed that people should teach children from when they are very young to respect women.  Waters stated that “they (women) have been gifted with the ability to create life. It seems like we don’t honour that any longer.”

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