Harper Denounces Parliament’s Call to Summon Runia

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has recently alleged during a parliamentary session there is no need to demand explanation from a Deloitte auditor who is suspected of interfering in an independent audit into Mike Duffy’s expenses upon request of the Conservatives’ top fundraiser and senator, Irving Gerstein, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

During the Question Period on Thursday, Mr. Harper alleged that the testimonies of three Deloitte officials recorded last week were enough to clarify the firm’s role in the Duffy saga. Mr. Harper straightforwardly denied the call to summon Deloitte’s Michael Runia, who is suspected by the RCMP to have allegedly called the Duffy auditors on request of Mr. Gerstein and the PMO. According to the speculations of the RCMP, Mr. Gerstein was in contacted with Mr. Harper’s office over how to approach the situation. NDP Leader Mulcair questioned on Thursday that “why are they blocking Runia if they’ve got nothing to hide?” In response to which, Harper stated that “as you know, the auditors already have in fact testified before the Senate, and have testified as to the integrity of their audit.”

Mr. Gerstein has individually denied the Senate committee motion seeking his resignation as chair unless he explained his own role. Upon inquiry from several media outlets if Mr. Runia would agree to participate in an interview, a Deloitte spokesperson replied on Thursday that RCMP investigations into the Duffy ordeal are ongoing, and “it would be inappropriate for us to provide further comment while these investigations continue.”

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