Omar Khadr Reclassified as Medium Security Risk

The authorities have reclassified former Guantanamo prisoner, Omar Khadr, to a medium-security risk on Friday, which will result in him being probably shifted to Bowden Correctional Institution north of Calgary in the next couple of weeks. According to an Edmonton lawyer who is representing Khadr since ten years, Dennis Edney, the decision by warden Kelly Hartle at the Edmonton penitentiary to reclassify Khadr from maximum designation reflects a “plethora of evidence” handed over by the U.S. authorities and Canada’s prison ombudsman that Khadr never was a maximum-security threat.

According to Edney, at the time when Khadr was being transferred to Canada in the fall of 2012, U.S. authorities assured that he was minimum-security risk based on his behaviour in Guantanamo. He alleged that “they should know; they held him for ten years,” hence implying that the reclassification was “long overdue” and stressing that the 27-year-old is entitled to be designated to minimum risk. A plea bargain signed in Guantanamo, which led to Khadr pleading guilty to five crimes committed during a 2002 firefight in Afghanistan, implied that the contentious military commission handed down an eight-year sentence and sent Khadr to Canada in September 2012.

Being shifted at a medium-security prison, Edney alleged there is a better possibility Khadr will have access to the kinds of rehabilitation programs prisoners must complete to earn parole. He stated that “my hope is that education will be available and the wonderful work by the King’s University College professors will continue.”

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