Carbon Monoxide Reports Increase Seven-Fold This Year

In another carbon-monoxide poisoning related incident today, two adults and two children were taken to hospital on Christmas morning after reports of charcoal burning gone wrong in an east-end apartment without power. Yesterday, two females were shifted to hospital for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning after they also used charcoal for barbecue inside a home in the Allen Rd. and Lawrence Ave. area, whereas on Monday a man and his mother died in Newcastle after using a generator for power in a garage attached to his home.

The massive blackout that started after Saturday’s ice storm in Greater Toronto Area has prompted many carbon-monoxide poisoning related calls. Consequently, fire officials have made serious public appeals demanding the Torontonians to remain cautious and advertising the dangers of using barbecues or generators indoors. According to Toronto Fire Services, the number of carbon monoxide-related reports has increased an extraordinary seven times in last three days when compared to last year. It was explained that a total of 283 carbon monoxide-related reports were received from Saturday till Tuesday afternoon, though when it is compared with same time frame of last year, only 42 calls were reported.

Toronto Fire Services have highlighted that carbon monoxide can’t be tasted, seen or smelled and can cause brain damage, suffocation or death. In today’s incident, Toronto paramedics acted upon a call from Bredonhill Ct. around noon Christmas Eve, where they found a 72-year-old woman and 12-year-old girl in distress. EMS Deputy Cmdr., James Rogers, stated that “both females had minor to moderate exposure and were transported to hospital. They will be fine.”

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