All Torontonians to Have Power Restored by Monday Night

Almost more than a week since one of the most destructive ice storm blew away Toronto city, hydro crews have now announced to have restored power to all but 725 customers. The official announcement by Toronto Hydro CEO, Anthony Haines, on Monday revealed that the lights should soon be back on for everyone by the end of the day.

During the announcement made on Monday, Mr. Haines explained that “it’s been a difficult time and I know your lives have been turned upside down.” While thanking the employees and crews of Toronto Hydro, he alleged that they’ve “worked around the clock. We’re all tired but we never stopped.” It was added that the 680 customers who had their repairs done will also be getting their power restored today. At the peak time of the blackout, more than 300,000 households and other customers were left without power in Toronto, whereas additional 300,000 were also cut off from the grid in the rest of the province.

In light of the developments, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has called a special city council meeting for Jan. 10, in which he is anticipated to formally ask for funding from the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program. He mentioned in a statement released on Monday “I want to thank the residents of this city for their patience during this terrible storm. We have never had a storm like this in Toronto’s history and hopefully we’ll never have to do this again.”

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