Vancouver MLA Herbert Claims Assistant Assaulted in Homophobic Attack

NDP MLA for Vancouver-West End, Spencer Chandra Herbert, mentioned in an elaborate press conference that his office was vandalized and assistant assaulted on Friday by a man shouting homophobic slurs. Being an openly gay MLA, Herbert keeps a rainbow pride flag in his office. He mentioned in the statement that “a man came into my constituency office demanding to see me, his MLA,” and added that “after expressing his hatred towards the rainbow flag[s] . . . he shouted homophobic slurs at my constituency assistant, punched a hole in my office door and then assaulted [the assistant].”

Herbert alleged that police arrived shortly after and arrested the assailant but “my assistant is recovering from the incident, but we are both shaken and shocked that someone felt it acceptable to express their hateful views by assaulting a government worker and damaging government property.” Herbert stated that “I believe that acts of hate and violence are serious matters that should be reported to the appropriate authorities. For this reason criminal charges are being pursued,” and established that “if such senseless acts of hate and violence can happen in an MLA’s office in Vancouver’s West End, they can happen anywhere.”

Conclusively, Hebert resolved that “this attack will only encourage me to redouble efforts to ensure our government is taking all steps to support our province’s diverse communities and stand against hate.” He stated that “we will continue to honour the memories of Aaron Webster, Ritchie Dowrie and other victims of homophobic violence in our province, and we will continue to proudly raise the rainbow flag as an expression of equality, dignity and human rights for all.”

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